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Cap Rocat: Where Sun, Sea, and Serenity Converge

Cap Rocat is a luxurious hotel in Mallorca that offers a unique experience for those looking for a relaxing and peaceful retreat. Situated in a former military fortress, the hotel is an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends history and modernity. Here is everything you need to know about staying at Cap Rocat.

Located on the stunning Bay of Palma, Cap Rocat is situated in an idyllic location that offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. The hotel has 32 suites that are built into the walls of the fortress, offering guests a unique and memorable experience. Each suite has a private terrace with a view of the sea, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

Cap Rocat has several facilities that make it a perfect place for a relaxing vacation. The hotel has a saltwater infinity pool that overlooks the bay, a spa that offers a variety of treatments, and a fitness center for those who want to stay active during their stay. There are also two restaurants at the hotel that serve delicious Mediterranean cuisine, including seafood dishes.

For those looking to explore the surrounding area, Cap Rocat offers a range of activities. Guests can take a bike ride along the coastline or explore the nearby villages, take a cooking class or go on a wine tasting tour, or even take a boat ride to explore the beautiful coast of Mallorca.

Cap Rocat is the perfect destination for those looking for a luxurious and peaceful getaway. With its unique location, world-class facilities, and excellent service, it is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Whether you want to explore the surrounding area or simply relax by the pool, Cap Rocat has something for everyone.


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